Hi, I'm Sibel

Perhaps you smiled already by reading Sibel Tuna. Yes, my surname is really Tuna. I have a turkish name as my grandparents had immigrated and lived in Turkey.

Latest when I was working in Maldives, I realized that it's actually a fish type in english. So of course people used to make fun of it calling me Tuna, or more specific due to my blonde hair, it became yellow-fin Tuna! Well, still I smile whenever someone calls me like that.

Sibel Tuna

Who am I?

I grew up in Wanzwil BE, Switzerland, which is a small and calm farmers village. Maybe that's why I can't stay that long in crowded big cities. This center location in Europe was an opportunity to just get to the neighboring Countries even just for shopping.

As some of my family members live still in Turkey, my parents were travelling with me in my early years already at least once a year for Summer holidays. So, well, that's how the Travel Bug was planted and finally turned into an irresistable Wanderlust!

Why the Blog?

In 2011 I graduated from commercial business management college for further education and wanted something different in my Life than anyone else chose to do.

Everyone including the teachers was keep telling how important it is to finish with a good grade and get a fixed job right after college. However I realized that there was not really straight a job available the way I expected it. At 19 I wasn't sure about my career, how to get a first employment hence I was jobless and just 'irreal' working in an sales & marketing office of the non-employed insurance.

Then it hit me like a train that definitely I didn't had to please what they say and that I decide how I want to live my life and do what makes myself happy, instead of doing whats best for them.

I decided to jump into tourism & hospitality and my mom was the one giving my CV to the pre-opening 2012 Hilton Bursa Convention Centre & Spa in Bursa, Turkey. Well, shortly, I got the job as Journey Ambassador (Reseptionist) and moved to Turkey. Fast I realized the Wanderlust itching through my veigns and I knew I had to leave and experience another country. The first step of getting somewhere is deciding that you are not going to stay where you are!

At the edge of loosing hope, all of a sudden, I received the opportunity to go Maldives and work in an Island-Resort. Of course I accepted without any second thought. I worked with severe Resorts in Maldives for about two and a half years and within that period I have invested collective days-off for traveling to Sri Lanka, Thailand & Malaysia.

Currently back in Turkey since December 2016, I decided to stay a while with my family before my journey continues to further countries of my map. I love everything about travel & photography and was always eager to write about my experiences so that's how I finally found a good way to make my own work and to start writing this blog. Beeing freelance for the timebeeing gives me as well time to join some courses in order to gain more useful knowledge for Life!

My work has been featured so far in following publication:

Travelicious Australia: Maldives - Choose a Resort for your Trip knowing the difference

Where I've been?

So far I've been to 15 Countries including Switzerland, Turkey, England, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Montecatini, Monaco, Spain, Maldives, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand.

What's for you?

Thanks for stopping by Buddy! Whether you want some information about specific countries, get encouragement to travel or probably you want to read about some country cultures. I am glad if anything on my page would help you further!

I want to inspire to take the risk and leave the save harbour you live in. Go see the world and learn more than the schools have to offer.        Explore the unknown...Dream the impossible...Discover the beauty!