BoduBeru: The Sound of Maldives

The Boduberu is a Maldivian drum, made of wood from coconut tree trunk. It is similar to some of the music styles of east / south-west Africa and performed by a group of people, including a minimum of three drummers and a lead singer.

This Music is an important item of entertainment at stage shows, celebrations and festivals in local islands but also presented in most of the Resorts for Tourist Attraction as in a Maldivian Theme Night.

The songs may be of heroism, romance or satire. The prelude to the song is a slow beat with emphasis on drumming, and dancing. As the song reaches a crescendo, one or two dancers maintain the wild beat with their frantic movements ending in some cases in a trance.

I was amazed by the way of drumming so I asked my friends to teach me. First of all I learned to sing the Songs which are in their ‘Dhivehi’ language until I became the lead singer. Once a week we performed in the Poolbar of the Resort we were working in and also on special occasions like wedding ceremonies, proposals and VIP Arrivals.

To drum was looking so easy and seemed like the rhythm is always the same but meanwhile I had swollen, wounded and paining hands. I cannot say it is easy but neither it is difficult as with the time I learned where and when, how to hit the beat!

Each side of the drum is making a different sound depending on hitting with the hand center or only the finger lengths and changing the sound if I keep the other side hand on the skin or not. The more I practiced, the more it became easier and easier until I was trained even to sing and drum at the same time, which was the most difficult part. And finally, as the songs are meant to get faster and faster, I became lead drummer and succeeded even with the last lesson of putting the special-effect extra parts into the shows.

This experience has added a lot to my life and it was an awesome time investment which finally made me proud to say that I have gone deeper into the culture of Maldives than the people who just use this opportunity to work there for their career. I am sure I have left some unforgettable influence to this gorgeous people which I have met through my journey in Paradise.

∞Yeah, Career was never my intention. It’s all about to feel, to hear, to smell, to taste and to live the Country and its Culture. It’s about to look deeper into the people than the Horizon shows you to see.∞



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