Switzerland: Action & Adventures SUMMER

Bungee Jumping, Verzasca/Ticino

Also called the ‘’007 James Bond Jump’’ is a free fall of 220m taking place at the Dam in Verzasca. It’s recommendable to make a reservation first, as it is busy during summer. By arrival, you will have to fill in a Health Questionnaire and answer some questions followed by your sign. After scaling your weight, you have to go through a short flexibility test, which teaches you shortly what you have to do after the jump so the crew can pull you back up. Needs a bit of belly muscles!

Waiting in the queue your heart will already start racing and then when you know you are next definitely knees will start shaking! After they fix you to the rope from your belly connected with your feet as well, you have to stand on the edge and after the crew counting back from three to go you have to jump. If you wait too long after that they will pull you out so the next in the line can jump. So don’t think twice! Jump!

The feeling there while your falling? That’s something between the fear to die and the awesome kick of adrenaline if you’re an adrenaline junky! Either you can shout out loud or you won’t get a sound out of your mouth. You will be falling freely for 220 meters down the dam wall and hence the rope is elastic, it will make and up & down for about three more times before you finally hanging there upside down. At this moment the crew members will let a carbine with a big yellow puff down with the pull chain. Now comes your performance. You have to catch the puff and connect its carbine to the one on your belly. Whenever it is fixed, you can pull on one string which will bring you to a sitting position after clicking in. Giving a sign up there with pushing your right arm away from your body, the crew will start pulling you up slowly where you still can enjoy the height of your jump.


Reaching the top finally, your legs will be totally out of balance and looking one more time down like ‘WOW, Shit, I’ve done it!’ unbelievable. And not only congratulations but also a certificate you will receive that you have done the 007 Bond Jump!




Toboggan, Pilatus/Luzern

First of all, you have to climb up that goddamn mountain! –Just kidding! Of course there is a cable car taking you from the land to height of the mountain where you have to do a bit of hiking as well to reach the Toboggan start point. A Channel made of chrome with a length of 1350m. Plenty steep curves and tunnels are promising speed and fun for an unforgettable experience from Mai until end of October. Everyone can arrange their speed as they want. There is a lever which you press down forward for speed and up backward for break and slow down. Just especially before steep curves it’s recommendable to slow down so you won’t fly out the channel. Due to the chrome channel in the depth of the ground, it keeps you close to the grass and a beautiful view of mountains and forests while you can breathe the fresh air and smell the nature of this amazing landscape.

Trottinett, Gstaad/Bern

Going up that mountain again with cable car will be a last relaxing thing before the action starts! After reaching the trottinett station you will get your equipment like helmet and your vehicle and you can start rolling down the mountain. There will be steep hills and sharp curves in your route, where I suggest to slow down by pressing the break with your foot on the backside wheel. I flew a bit because I thought I would catch it and it can cause rushes on your skin when sliding on the ground after fall. Breathtaking landscape views and a route through forests will surely make you feel alive and proud of yourself when finally reaching the bottom in the small village Gstaad.



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