Switzerland: Action & Adventures WINTER

Paintball Farm, Dietwil/Aargau

Only recommendable if you are a group. Then only you can reserve the entire inside or outside playground. My favorite was always the indoor space as it has much more hiding corners and sections where you have to crawl through the obstacles. The group will be split into two and one team will get a color shirt over the equipment. And there will be a vote about the rules and regulations in the game. Everything set, the game can begin.

One of many challenges can be for example that every team has a flag in their territory and the enemy has to get the flag. Whenever someone gets shot, the bullet of paint will crash and you will have a big color spot on your clothing. That’s when you have to play fair and shout ‘OUT’ with hand in the air leaving the playground.

Believe me you will feel pain and have red or even blue marks on your skin from this shots but which is the point of playing and
feeling this action and excitement.

Husky-Tour, Obergoms/Wallis



Obergoms is reachable either by public transport as train or more recommendable to rent a car and go with the experience of a car-train ride through the mountains to reach that small village.

At the Husky-Farm, the owners will give you a small briefing accompanied by wine and cheese about how they got the Huskies and about their care. They will introduce the co-workers which will each get 2-3 people allocated for their sleights and then everyone out to the cold snow ride.

Every sleight will get seven Huskies bound to the rope and you will be sitting both in front of the sleight with the crew behind, leading the dogs. The lovely Huskies will be excited and impatient to start pulling and running. Starting the ride through the winter landscape surrounded by the Swiss Alps, the sleight will get faster and faster, sometimes slowly, hill up and down. During a total of one hour ride, you can enjoy the view and watch how the sleights are been driven. After a break, in which you can take pictures with the Huskies, the crew will shortly show you how to ride and break or turn. For a specified length of distance you will be able to lead the dogs on your sleight.

Ending the tour, the crew will unbind the dogs and then you can watch the Huskies taking rest, you can stroke and fondle them and maybe take few more lovely pictures.

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