Turkey: Mount Uludag of Bursa

Located to the south of the City Bursa, lies the 2543m (8343 feet) high Mount Uludag, the Mount Olympus of the ancient province of Bithynia.

Road to MountainA Teleferik (cable car) takes you to the summit for hiking and activities in summer or for skiing in winter. There is also a road 23km (14 miles) for cars until the summit. Taxi and Dolmushes will drive you up. As well if the weather is too windy or stormy, the cable car might be cancelled which means you would have to take a car.

Cable Car of Uludag

The cable car stops first at Kadiyayla, half-way up to the mountain, where the technical area of the teleferik takes place and then continues to the next station Sarialan (1635 meters/5364 feet). Sarialan has some snacks-and-drinks stands as well as few souvenir shops, walking trails (patika) and a campground administrated by Uludag National Park. There are also couple of summer-houses to rent in this area for mostly retired people, as the fresh air is known for its healing effects. Campground and Houses are usually fully booked well in advance. The third and last stop will be in the second Hotel Section connected to the first Hotel section where skiers congregate in winter and nature-lovers and business conferences in summer. The summit will be visible from the Hotel Zone in which you have 11 ski runways and plenty of Hotels provided.

Uludag Winter Activities­­:
Winter Uludag

Ice Skating

Snow ATV Safari

Skiing, Snowboarding


Uludag Summer Activities:Summer Activity

ATV Safari




Trekking & Climbing

Water of UludagAt the lower hills of the mountain you will find lots of Thermal Baths as the mountain itself is providing even drinking Water to nearly the whole country. The healing and beneficial effect of this water is known widely and many people of the country coming here each year to bath in the wholesome water coming from the deepest springs of the mountain. Many Water brands like Erikli or Nestle are having their companies placed around the mountain for getting the water out of the source and then filling it into their bottles. Even if you go the road up the mountain you will see severe fountains from which you can drink the pure natural water of Uludag. And not only still water also mineral water has been sourced from here since centuries.
Cave of Uludag

As in every mountain to find, Uludag also has a Waterfall in the village of Kestel where people love to go for picnic in summer because of the cool air which is enjoyable when the hot pushes too much into the city. The water still will be ice cold and people will be jumping into the water or stand under the waterfall to get refreshed. On the northern side of the mountain, near the city of Inegol there will be a cave as well where you can walk couple of miles into the mountain stone and see some breathtaking views of the inner world of the stalactite cave.

Uludag, the highest point of the marmara region, was a volcano thousands of years ago. Hence we all hope it won’t explode anymore.

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